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Artist BIOS

Ray Goodman

Dick Wagner “Remember the Child” Memorial Concert, is a long time member of the Dick Wagner Band and one of the elite musicians who emerged… Read More »Ray Goodman

Al Jacquez

brings his sonoris voice to the Dick Wagner Band. He began his career singing in the balcony with his church choir, followed by school plays,… Read More »Al Jacquez

Peter Keys

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is the keyboard player for legendary rock and roll band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. A cross-genre musical gymnast of Rock and Roll, Blues, Funk, and Soul, Peter… Read More »Peter Keys

Mary McGuire

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Singer/songwriter, McGuire merges elements of folk, rock and pop, often with poignant lyrics and complex harmonies. Her compositions have been used in films, television shows,… Read More »Mary McGuire

Kenny Olson

is a soulful multi-platinum artist with serious street creds, “Kenny Olson is one of the best rock guitarists on the scene.” (Keith Richards). A founding… Read More »Kenny Olson

Hal Patino

is a Grammy nominated bass player, best known for his work with King Diamond. He toured the world with King Diamond for 18 years, recording… Read More »Hal Patino