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Donation Ceremony News

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Our first Donation Ceremony for Beaumont Children’s Hospital! Our Dick Wagner Fund team delivered our first check for $10,000 to inaugurate the new music program for the children of Beaumont hospital, along with dozens of musical instruments for the children to play – guitars, violins, kazoos, percussion instruments, and keyboards. We will continue to replenish musical instruments as some children ask to bring them home after they leave the hospital. Our funding makes possible the hiring of a Board Certified Music Therapist, who is formally trained in both musical performance and also in the aseptic medical environment. Thanks to the exciting and talented young musical group, the Cats & The Fiddlers, for performing for the children and guests Special thanks from us to Beaumont and Children’s Miracle Network personnel, Matt Romkey, Lisa Stewart, and Kathleen Grobbels, for allowing us to bring music and funding for the children. Beaumont rocks!

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