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The Frost: Donny Hartman

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Dick Wagner’s wildly popular band of the late 1960s, the Frost, blew minds and hearts at the Grande Ballroom. In Dick’s own words, “The Frost was a trip to heaven on power chords and three-part harmonies.” Dick himself describes his bandmates: “Donny Hartman was always a great presence in front of a live audience. His completely relaxed and humorous attitude, combined with a gravely bluesy voice that could hit a stratospheric falsetto at any given moment, made Donny a star with the Frost audience. A true world-class rocker, Donny could command a stage and steal a show and be out fishing for bass at five the very next morning.” “Bobby Rigg was a great rock drummer. He was legendary for his drum solos and completely unique groove. Bobby made dynamic use of a double bass drum kit, leaving the audience breathless night after night.” A prelude to Dick’s songwriting success with Alice Cooper and others, Dick’s early Frost tunes endure with sophisticated harmonies, unexpected chord progressions, and dazzling orchestrations. Dick adds, “It’s all about the songs in the end… I had tried to utilize my instincts and love of classical music in “orchestrating” the music of The Frost. That thought process set us apart and gave us a unique approach to Rock and Roll.”