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Jazmin Chaidez

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Jazmin Chaidez: Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Vocals: Feel the beat! Jam along with Jazmin as she plays congas, bongos, claves, kick drum, snare drum, guitar – and… Read More »Jazmin Chaidez

Brian Hardgroove

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Brian Hardgroove, Bass, Guitar, Producer, Songwriter, Educator. Interviewed by 14-year-old Amadeus Belafonte, grandson of groundbreaking recording artist and actor, Harry Belafonte: Brian Hardgroove’s musical repertoire spans the genres… Read More »Brian Hardgroove

Ava Paige

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Ava Paige, Guitar, Ukulele, Singer, Songwriter: 16-year-old country music artist, Ava Paige, is a 2021 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion. Named Best Singer/Songwriter by the 2019 Nashville Scene… Read More »Ava Paige

Allison Lovejoy

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Allison Lovejoy, Pianist, Composer, Music Educator: An award-winning classical pianist, Allison is renowned for her technical bravura, as well as for her sensitive interpretations of Impressionist… Read More »Allison Lovejoy


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ROZALIA, a musical ensemble: Violin, Cello, String Bass, Saxophone, Piano, Percussion, and Tap Dance Artists: At once jazzy and classical, Rozalia features an international ensemble of… Read More »Rozalia